Sunday, April 08, 2007

Egg Decorating

The Egg-team of SJC (below) did a great job decorating the Easter eggs!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pillow Fight at Robson Square

Japan has dog fights, Spain has bull fights, Canada has ....pillow fights.
It all started like in an old fashion western movie, all of the sudden what it seemed to be a peaceful crowd took the pillows from their hoisters (and some from their purses) and started hitting each other erratically. The fight did not comply at all with the rules established at the Geneva convention: the press was beaten to feathers, I took several hits while taking these pictures and they used kids as human shields as you can see below. In the process of getting beaten I noticed that the JCPenney line of pillows is much more efficient and more endurant than that of Martha Stuart which quite frankly blowed into a thousand feathers at the first serious hit. The queen of the pillow fight was by far the duckishnikov, the finest in Russian weaponery since the end of the cold war, proving once and for all that foie-gras is not the only useful thing that can be made from ducks.

A group from the Royal Canadian Mountain Police was at the scene in a mission to learn the lost art of pillow combat. They end-up arresting a few members of a small group of animal-rights activists that were interfeering with the pillow fight.

CBC announced during their 6 o'clock news cast that many community centers around Vancouver added to their Yoga and Pilates classes, a self defense agains pillow attack class. Lululemon already announced their new line of recyclable, bio-degradable and naturally compostable pillows that come with a child safety mechanism and, naturally, ergonomically designed to fit in any size purse.

Also many are afraid that the abundance of pillows in the market will increase the domestic violence so the government is puting a motion to limit the number of pillows in the houshold to one regular size pillow per adult and a small size pillow for all children under 18. Before going to bed the owner has to make sure that the pillow is locked in a safe place and that the feathers are separated from the cover.

(well, it should be pretty obvious that all this was a joke, but since I am flattering myself that I am not the only one reading my blog, consider this the official disclaimer)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

new years

A few of months ago we entered a new year. If you missed the opportunity to straighten your life and make resolutions, a few weeks ago you had another chance when we entered a new lunar year - Tomorrow Paula is celebrating her new year and in a few weeks we are entering the Persian new year. But than that's it for a while so all the new various years resolutions had to be done by now.
Here I am negotiating my fortune with my Chinese sign ... hopefully it will be a good year - no matter which one. If you missed all the abundence of those new years, lucky for you there is still a chance coming for you on St. Patrick's day.